Record Collection Sale

Selling tons of records from our personal record collection

Selling our personal record collection
Some personal health issues have led to a rediculous amount of debt owed to the hospitals. As a result, we're selling off our entire personal record collection on TONS of rare, hard to find, collectible stuff from all different genres. Currently we have over 750 records listed and are not even close to having it all listed up. New stuff is added up daily. Please give it a look and help out if you can.
You can check out the full list of stuff we have available at

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02.13.2013 - Complete website overhall
Completely revamped webpage design. Everything has been updated. Wholesale ordering is now available direct from the page. All international orders can be done direct off the webpage. Lots of new stuff going on.

11.30.2012 - New A Cloud Forest Material
New, previously unreleased A Cloud Forest material released for FREE download off their bandcamp page at

10.31.2012 - FREE Albino Python album preview
A FREE 3 song preview of Albino Python's upcoming album "The Doomed and Damned" available off their bandcamp page at

06.22.2012 - Sea of Deprivation LP is now out of print
The Sea of Deprivation "catharsis in disharmony" LP is now sold out/out of print. The few remaining copies we had went on tour with the band Sorrower back in June 2012 and have since sold out. As of right now there are no plans to repress the record.

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$10 Catchphraze Records Package Deal
A copy of every release on Catchphraze Records that is currently in print. Includes:

Contravene - Uprising split 7"
Monuments to Ruins "under the guise of progress" 12"
Urine Specimen "raw" 7"
Inner Conflict "Anschlusstreffer" LP or CD
Inner Conflict - Malgobierno split 7"
V/A "Innate Rebellion" LP which features Resist and Exist, Contravene, Resistant Culture and Fallas del Sistema

That's 3 LP's and 3 7"s for just $10!

A Cloud Forest CD Package Deal
Get both the limited edition "October's Overture" and "These Mournful Days" CD's together in this package deal for the rediculously low price of $8.88 plus postage!

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